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Exceptional Service

You Benefit from Experienced Health Advocacy

Over the years I have learned people coping with new or increasing health challenges often find it difficult to be heard and to make decisions about their healthcare. Seniors may find it especially frustrating. The tools and strategies I developed have gotten me and those I work with better care and earned the respect of the professionals working with me.

Catherine Callahan | Healthcare Advocate

What you Can Expect

As a health advocate I navigate the frustrating systems, complicated programs, long wait times and poor communications in our healthcare system for and with you. I help you not to be alone, feel unseen, or be unheard as we manage your medical care. I work with you to improve your access to good medical care and to give you more control in managing your health challenges.

My Core Values
Kindness 90%
Integrity 100%
Passion 95%
Excellence 100%
Honesty 95%
Dedication 90%

Commitment To You

My Bottom Line: Inform, Empower, Get Better Healthcare.

Who I Am

Passionate, curious, dedicated, organized and competent. I combine a science background with over 28 years of experience with my own and others’ health challenges. This has served me well in getting better healthcare for myself and people with whom I have worked.

Where I've Been

I have come through difficult circumstances to live a very satisfying life. I have discovered the pleasures of growing older:  of supporting and being supported, of learning and growing and being of service to others, of writing and sharing what I have learned, and of humor as I navigate my life.

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