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Helping others get better healthcare

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  • Health challenges
  • Working with older adults
  • Working with family members
  • Dealing with the healthcare system
  • Learning advocacy skills
  • Coping with health issues
  • Coaching and education

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If your result is Old School, then you tend to be a traditionalist who grew up in a different era, when doctors told you what to do for your health and you asked them to decide for you when you had treatment choices to make. You may be more comfortable with a doctor who informs you about the treatment option the doctor prefers for you and proceeds with that.treatment.

If your result is In Control, you like to research your health issues and determine what to treat and how. While your doctor is the expert, you also expect your doctor to have done some reading on the subject or looked at the information you brought. You often figure out what your treatment options are and decide on the top two before ever seeing your doctor.

If your result is Let’s Talk, you are likely to view your relationships with your healthcare professionals as partnerships. Your doctor is an expert who helps you make decisions about your healthcare. You may also take responsibility for educating yourself and choosing to focus on those priority health issues of most concern to ensure they are addressed.

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