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I met Catherine online. She is the most professional and caring person. As my medical problems arose and accelerated, Catherine was right there for me. She has extensive knowledge of the medical field and the medical system. She gave me all the help and guidance I needed to complete my goal(s). I highly recommend Catherine to help you in your journey, with all your needs you may have.
Joanie Kienlen

Are We A Good Fit?

If You ...

Manage  multiple ongoing health conditions balanced with maintaining your quality of life as an older adult

Need to build a support system for a health issue when you live alone

Don’t know the questions to ask, your next steps, the tests and treatments you may face, even what your diagnosis is

Find that your age makes it harder for healthcare professionals to respond to your questions and concerns

Find it difficult to have conversations with your healthcare provider about end of life wishes, cope with hospitalizations, discuss sensitive medical issues like incontinence?

You Can Benefit From My Services


What I Teach

My weekly health topics emails provide useful information that can be used immediately. The blog posts offer workable approaches to typical health situations. I will also be offering topic-specific webinars, group classes that include group coaching sessions, instructional videos and workshops. Watch this space for a webinar.

List of Teaching Topics

  • Complex Medical Issues
  • Emergencies and the ER
  • Successful Surgery
  • Surviving The Hospital
  • Managing Your Doctors

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I do 1-on-1 coaching as well as group coaching. This can be time-limited to one session through an on-call arrangement. My coaching is exceptionally helpful for older adults with health problems and for children of aging parents who are facing health challenges themselves and responsible for their aging parents’ care.

What You Can Do

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Types of Topics

I am available as a speaker remotely in these post-pandemic days. Topics range from:

  • how to use a health advocate
  • to teaching patient advocacy
  • successfully partnering with healthcare professionals

Arrange for a Virtual Speaking Engagement

You can reach me by clicking the button below.  Enter your topic of interest in the subject line.

Topics that are popular for virtual speaking are:

  • Surviving The Hospital
  • Tips For Dealing With The ER
  • Surgery: Getting To and Through
  • Your Medical Essentials Kit
  • Navigating A Doctor’s Appointment
  • Be Your Own Health Advocate
  • What To Do If You Are Sick
  • How To Talk W/Your Doctor
What Type of Patient Are You?

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Interpretation Of Your Results
  • If your result is Old School, then you tend to be a traditionalist who grew up in a different era, when doctors told you what to do for your health and you asked them to decide for you when you had treatment choices to make. You may be more comfortable with a doctor who informs you about the treatment option the doctor prefers for you and proceeds with that.treatment.
  • If your result is In Control, you like to research your health issues and determine what to treat and how. While your doctor is the expert, you also expect your doctor to have done some reading on the subject or looked at the information you brought. You often figure out what your treatment options are and decide on the top two before ever seeing your doctor.
  • If your result is Let’s Talk, you are likely to view your relationships with your healthcare professionals as partnerships. Your doctor is an expert who helps you make decisions about your healthcare. You may also take responsibility for educating yourself and choosing to focus on those priority health issues of most concern to ensure they are addressed.

What Others think ...

Wow. You are very insightful. This is a superb, concise, and accurate overview of what I hear and see every day. I have nothing to contribute! You are correct about the ports and I find that some patients expect/hope us to use them. Your words are very helpful...I hope your work reaches a wide audience. I’m sure many people would find it very helpful. What NOT to say etc. You are truly offering a service to patients when they need it the most.
Dr. Anne Bielamowizc
MD, Anesthesiologist
After reading Catherine Callahan’s step-by-step suggestions for getting the best care possible in the hospital, I realized how passive and uninformed I have been about my health care.
An Older Adult
You are AMAZING! I am so grateful for everythIng you've done to help me through this health scare. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
A Patient
The organization of this [book] make its information easily accessed. The advice on topics such as how to develop good working relationships with your healthcare professionals and how to write a medical history reflect the author's ability to pull together information in a concise and useful manner. It is a wonderful guide for anyone needing to navigate through what can be an overwhelming healthcare system.
Kathleen Smith

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